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Alejandro Escuder

Alejandro Escuder

Musician, Sociologist

I have always believed that to write down the things is the best way to express them. Only when you are able to explain something properly you have totally understand.

My name is Alejandro. I started with my first blog when I was 16.

I have studied piano, music composition in Spain, and film music, applied music, jazz, and sociology in Vienna.

I decided to add this blog to my website in order to create a space to put down my thoughts, my theories elaborated along some years (and all those has still to come) and to share them with people. I would like to help people to understand, to clarify some paradigms of the Western modern society, and at the same time using art and music as a vehicle of it. Always, of course from my point of view, which I will always try to argument as much solid as I can.

Other of my hobbies are reading, politics, technology, football, friends, games, and public transport!

You can read more about how this blog started here.

I hope you learn, you like, you agree and you disagree with me.

Enjoy reading!

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In Context es un Blog escrito por Alejandro Escuder en español e inglés.

La temática es muy variada, ya que lo reservo como espacio de expresión personal.
Pero los temas de mayor peso son la música, la sociología y la opinión sobre la actualidad y nuestro estilo de vida.

El objetivo del blog no es otro que el de difundir y aportar al lector opinión y conocimiento.

Espero que disfruten leyendo tanto como yo escribiendo.