First step. The road begins.

You always create a blog when you feel that you have something to say. But at the same time, many questions arise: “My views and ideas are going to be exposed to the global network”. Whom do I intend to write? To which audience do I want to address? In which terms? Because, do I write for me or for those who read me?

Once resolved these issues, it comes the thematic. You usually can find personal blogs, thematic blogs, and hybrid blogs (mixture of both). Online statistics reveal that the second group, the thematic-blogs (often mono-thematic) are the most successful on the Internet, leaving a second place for the personal blogs of famous people (in real life or virtual).

The third group, however, hybrid blogs (one or more thematic mixed with post) or personal approaches, is that most interested me in this case.

I’m not here to talk about me (for that I already have my website or my page on facebook). But it is my blog, and I want to have the freedom to write what I want, not tie me to something in order to get more visits, but either renounce writing articles with academic rigor and social interest. I write for pouring a cascade of ideas and share them with anyone who wants to drink from them.

And of course who wants to participate on them, as long as there are not axioms that I can write and less about social or artistic issues. They say that who never speaks never makes mistakes. I express myself trying to be accurate in my statements, and at the same time playing with the risk to be wrong, since the error is what makes us learn and motivates us to improve. Those who presumed to make something perfect or know much about something is who gets their own limits to reach beyond.

The subjects I want mostly to talk about in this blog are sociology, music, art, education… but above all, about the connection between all of them. This does not exclude that I can write frequently about purely musical, piano, or sociological issues.

At the end, all knowledge adds itself in the elaboration of our personal ‘theory of everything’. Everything has its causes and its effects, which are not isolated, but occur in a particular field within a great context.

To all of them who want to engage in this small project and discussion, I promise to write the best, most interesting, rigorous, fanciful, understandable, accessible, friendly, correct, daring and free as I know.

All the posts may not be good, but there will always be something good in every post. 😉