Is another society possible?

Stability and change. Two human characteristics that define the struggle between those who accept the world as it is presented to them and those who want to change it in order to achieve positive progress.

We often hear statements like this is so and it has always been like that“, “another state model is not viable“, “no matter how much you fight, society will not change… They are clearly negative statements arising from the belief that, if we got here in this way, is that was where we needed to arrive. But I wonder, is it not another society possible ?

In my opinion I suspect yes, absolutely another society is possible. And I‘ll explain you why I think so.

There are and have always been other very different cultures. Today the globalization has absorbed them (or it is on the way). European culture has been perhaps the fastest to thrive economically and technologically, but that only confirms one of its characteristics: the importance of speed for winning the race rather than the quality of the road. It is obvious that the European ethnocentrism always considered their culture above the others and like any germ has sought its largest expansion. Throughout history we have taken some determined ways (political, economic, social, technological ), but we could have taken any others, and certainly the world we know today would be completely different. We believe we have drained other possibilities just because we have not experienced them more deeply. And I understand. There have been needs to cover before experimenting other methods.

I won’t make judgments on whether a decision or other had given us to a better or worse future. First, because you can not know, just speculate. And second, because in another possible society, the values of what is good and what is bad would also be different.

The current system where we live is extremely complicated. It is full of interests and connections between an increasingly wider social spectrum, where the variety reflected in individualism, it is what creates new branches and branches of the “big tree”. Therefore I understand that changes in social terms are extremely complicated to carry out, and precisely this is the reason it is clear that all it is necessary to change the world is will, a very strong will. Because there are possibilities and they have always been.

– That’s sociology too. –