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Why artists’ lives are different.

Yesterday, November 22nd, we celebrated the day of music and musicians, in memory of Saint Cecilia, who died on this day about 1800 years ago. This made me think about the difference between the life of  musicians (and artists in general) and the life of the rest of professions. Is something pretty usual that people ask […]

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Is another society possible?

Stability and change. Two human characteristics that define the struggle between those who accept the world as it is presented to them and those who want to change it in order to achieve positive progress. We often hear statements like “this is so and it has always been like that“, “another state model is not viable“, […]

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Meaning and context

“In Context” in particular to me is something that directly affects the meaning of things, actions, life and human condition (individual and social), and, how could it be otherwise, Art. The discussion is whether things have meaning in themselves, or whether, on the contrary, its meaning is something that we give, either individually or collectively […]

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We are all Paris (but really)

I would have never imagined that it would start a blog speaking of terror that took place yesterday evening in Paris, but the action requires a reaction. As many already know, last night there were several explosions in several points of the city and surroundings, including the concert hall Bataclan, where they were taken and […]

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First step. The road begins.

You always create a blog when you feel that you have something to say. But at the same time, many questions arise: “My views and ideas are going to be exposed to the global network”. Whom do I intend to write? To which audience do I want to address? In which terms? Because, do I write […]

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